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Printed Electronics

What’s behind the buzz?


Printed Electronics is a breakthrough key enabling technology. Since several years companies, institutes and universities put research in the technology. Now the technology targets the market in several applications. In standalone applications and in combination with Silicon electronics printed electronics delivers value to customers. It adds new features or functionality to exisiting applications, it opens new application areas and new markets.

Electronics with this key features

Large area
Some application have the need of large areas with functional elements. Sensors can be applied as a matrix to measure and control in two dimensions.

Light weight
Some application require lowest possible weight. Electronics based on thin film fulfills the requirement and adds flexibility

Thin, flexible
flexible substrates based on thin film add new possibilities for integration and packaging density.

Roll-to-Roll Production is one of the most efficient way to produce in large quantities. High Volume Production enable low Cost products, if produced at high yield

Printed electronics is a technology enabling several applications

Printing of disyplays enable flexible, robust applications for mobile and other applications.

Flexible, high efficent lighting based on OLED technology (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

Sensor + electronic components
Functional elements like sensors or electronic components like transisors or resistors to full functional circuits.

Organic Photovoltaics
Organic photovoltaic to produce energy from large area flexible printed solar cells.

Integrated Smart Systems
all components can be combined and integrated to functional systems.

The underlying technology uses

New materials (e.g. functional inks)
new class of materials are used: e.g. organic functional materials which can be used as conductors or even semiconductors. the nmaterials can be put in solution to be used in printing processes

New process technology
Roll to Roll Printing, Precise Coating, High precision printing (<10µm)

New integration and packaging, eg. Hybrid approaches
functional systems can be integrated on flexible substrates together with conventional electronics

Printed Electronics – a new industry still in development

New companies
New companies and startups are established to follow the new technologies. Large Companies pursue the technology to add value to their existing business

New value chains
Neu supply and value chains need to be established to combine new materials with new process technologies or nequipment

Networking is Key
Networking is very important. No company can do everything alone. Companies need to find partners and combine competencies.

International network: OE-A provide access
Competence and Product&Service Portfolio. OE-A delivers the transparent access

Specific services for printed electronics

Introduction and Value Analysis

Basic introduction to printed electronics technology, application areas (display, lighting, electric components and sensors, organic photovoltaic and integrated smart systems). Analysis of the companies competence and interest.

Basic and Advanced Education

Specific Eduction and inforrmation of the selected specific application area of printed electronics.

Workshops and Development Programs

Define Company requirements, targets, analyze state of the art and elaborate actions and priorities to develop a project plan to implement products and features.

International partnerships and networks

No company can work alone, Enable faster development by competent partnerships: Analysis and Introduction.

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